Logan & Roberto // Couples Session

Logan and I clicked instantly when we first met, it was the coolest thing! As soon as we started her hair and makeup for her session, our conversations started flowing and never missed a beat. It was like we were old friends just catching up. To me, these are the best types of connections, where your soul just feels completely comfortable and you can be yourself without any hesitation. 

She had emailed me months prior to see if I needed a model for any shoots, but I was completely slammed with weddings at the time. As soon as I had an opening, I reached out to see if she was still interested and she was! So we convinced her boyfriend to tag along for a couples sessions in the woods to showcase a more adventurous side to my photography and the rest was history. 



Not only is she gorgeous ( I mean helllllo, look at her! ) but she is the sweetest and funniest girl I think I have ever met, not to mention her boyfriend, Roberto, is pretty great too. I mean, I even took them up the wrong trail to begin with and they still liked me and let me take their pictures! These two had me laughing the entire time, and left me feeling like I had just made two new awesome friends.

Lyndsie LordComment